If You’ve Never Gone Deep Sea Fishing, You’re In For A Treat

Traveling is one of the most exciting feelings that one can get. Riding the plane and seeing the blankets of clouds, riding thru the waves while on a boat or ship, or riding a train or bus for a long country drive, can be exciting ones.

However, you would notice that most people would post on their social media, a picturesque view of the sea, a sunrise, or sunset. The experience of communing with nature would be a surreal one. Hence, we cannot blame them if the beach is one of the most look forward travels.

Surely, you cannot get enough of the tan, the sun, and the sand when you go in for a dip in a tropical country with its unique sand which ranges from pristine white sand, pink sands, or pitches black sands. The crystal waters would be very inviting to swim especially with the corals and marine animals swimming beside you.

There are a lot of activities that you can do. If you are the typical bookworm and introvert, you can lay by the side of the beach and enjoy reading while sipping coconut juice. If you are the outdoorsy type, you can enjoy doing a lot of sporty activities like Jet Ski, kayaking, parasailing, surfboarding, and even sandboarding. The beach indeed has a lot to offer.

However, there is another exciting thing to do if you are a newbie and that is to go deep-sea fishing. Yes, you are right. If you are the adventurous one and enjoy the waves this is a treat for you. However, there are certain things that you need to know.

Motion sickness. When going for deep sea fishing, the waves might be rough, and the sea might be hostile. A lot of newbies often throw up. Hence, drinking motion sickness medicine is necessary if you are this kind of person.

Keep well hydrated. Bathing under the scorching heat of the sun will cause dehydration. So make sure that you have plenty of fluids.

Follow instructions and ask your guide. Always remember, that safety is your top priority, hence always follow the guidelines and listen attentively. You might get excited but again, always prioritize your safety. At the end of the end, you will be enjoying your live catch.

After your first day of deep-sea fishing, surely, the smell of grilled catch would satisfy your tiredness.

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Do You Get The Best Travel Deals From “Budget” Travel Websites?

One thing that a lot of people are looking forward to after this pandemic would be to travel to different destinations. A lot of people surely would love to travel to different destinations. Especially that most would be experiencing zoom fatigue, work burnout, depression or even anxiety after all the restrictions would be lifted.

When that time comes, I know those travel websites would be again flooded with different bookings. Resorts, hotels, and different travel destinations would be lovely again and would be filled with a lot of chattering and laughter. Travel photos would again resurface not just throwbacks and wishful thinking. The background application during video calls would be replaced with the real scenario.

Most people book online because of the promotions that they are offering. However, how efficient, and wise is this?

A lot of people will check the best offer online and travel websites will offer you the best deal. But here are some of the points that you must ponder before clicking the confirmation button:

1.  Verify the validity of the offer. Some websites will lure you with a lower promo, but actually, hidden charges will be applied and the deal will be more expensive. To avoid this pitfall when booking, always compare different travel websites. Do not linger and stay with one website offering you the lowest deal.

2. Check always if it offers to rebook. Travel websites that offer rebooking would be the best ones. Especially that travels might be unpredictable, you may have to cancel or rebook on future dates. Therefore, always assess if these websites have one.

3. Check if they are covered with insurance and how much. There are travel companies that will kill your budget with exorbitant insurance policies. This will be a hustle on your budget. So always compare.

4. Book ahead. One of the hacks when traveling is to always book ahead. It might be 6 months or a year ahead. If you book ahead, it follows that airlines do have cheaper offers. Resulting in a cheaper deal.

5. Lastly, check if it’s all-inclusive of lodging, transportation, and food. This will cut the budget in half and the hassle as well. When traveling, what will eat up your time is looking for transportation and a place to eat.

Hence, budget travel should be well planned and well organized. Moreover, one rule is not to expect a lot. Enjoy traveling.

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Commercial Fishing: Dangerous Job, but exciting and Profitable

Working in the commercial fishing industry is known to be one of the most dangerous jobs possible. Every year, this industry hires thousands of workers on the world’s shorelines. It is dirty, strenuous and possibly deadly, and people employed in this industry cannot be weak at heart.

Have you seen the show The Deadliest Catch? It shows commercial fishing at sea, lakes, rivers and oceans for the purpose of supplying fish to the world.

And in the year 2009, 24,000 fishing workers were killed on the job. 

Many years ago, humans learned to catch a fish by using traps and nets, but as technology rises, these continued to develop. It was first ventured to a limited catch in the lakes and rivers but as fishing devices and boats were developed, it was ventured to coastal areas, river mouths and even further.

The Advancement of technology throughout the years, continued to improved and also ventured out to larger ships with more advanced fishing equipment. But don’t get it wrong, commercial fishing can also be done in small vessels, with a low type equipment in local areas.

The Types of Fishing Equipment

1. Nets – there are types of net that are used for fishing. Here are the following; Bag Nets that can be pushed and dragged with our without wings and can be held on stakes or on anchors with or without a vessel. The Seine net that has long wings and tow lines that can be used to prevent it from escaping by diving downward.

2. Gear – there are different types of fishing gear that is used. It could be a manner grappling and wounding, dredging and trawling, line fishing, harvesting with machines, gillnetting and a lot more.

3. Machines – this is a new type of equipment that may separate the fish from the water. It is operated by a fishing pump or by a mechanized dredge. Floating machines are also use for digging out mollusks by underwater jets and transport it out of the water by using the conveyor belts.

4. Vessels- this aims to improve efficiency by building a vessel that can have a higher catching power, and also reduced cost for operation. This should match against the safety concerns.

5. Trawlers- there are different kinds of trawlers. One of them is a single-crew vessel. This has a powerful engine that can drag the trawl nets.

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Essential Vacations For Gourmets And Cooks: Food Tours

Traveling is the best way to relax while experiencing the world’s cultures. If you are a foodie traveler, this adds up to excitement. You get to experience different local foods and perhaps participate in preparing them, whatever your destination may be.

Let me take you to the world’s finest destinations where foodies get to fill their appetite for gourmet travel.

1. Japan

One of the world’s tourist Capital, people love to visit every year. The food, the people, the culture, the crazy fashion, the food, the high-technology, the safety and a lot more.

Japanese are really passionate about food, and you can find cheap gourmet foods in the country. This is why people gets so excited, because it’s not just delicious, it’s awesome!

They call it B-Class Gourmet, it’s also known as B-kyu, a Japanese term who appreciates the best but cheap restaurant.

This is also where people are willing to travel distance and stand and wait in long lines. People in Japan seem to enjoy waiting in line just to eat their favorite dish. Here are everyone’s favorite; the Ramen, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, Hambagu, Oden, Sushi, Ton katsu, Soba and Udon.

2. New York

The Big Apple, it’s always known as the busiest and most visited city in America. It brings tourist for it’s world-class museums, theater, shopping, food, and monuments.

NYC has the most competitive and diverse restaurant anywhere in the world. You may have not have seen it all, but you may not want to missed the experience. You can see different restaurants like Korean, American, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Burmese, Persian, Ethiopian, Delis, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mediterranean, Greek, Carribean, Russian and even in Jackson Heights where street foods can be as delicious as the food in restaurant. Yep! this city has a lot to offer!

3. Hong Kong

The Independent City- that is also a state of China. One on of the options for foodies. You can see tiny restaurants alongside, waiting for it to be noticed and to top Michelin-starred restaurant.

Foodies will always love the dim sum and wonton noodles, and not just that, it’s cheap and people can afford it. It’s also a top destination for many other types of cuisine, like Argentinian or French.

4. Paris, France

Who may not want to visit Paris? The City of Love, the dream destination for everyone. You will enjoy sightseeing, but don’t forget that this city is also known as a Foodie Paradise.

There’s a bike tour, that you can enjoy in Bordeaux, and not just that, you can enjoy the taste of wine to street food markets.

5. Thailand

Thai food is very much known as a universally loved cuisine. That’s why people get to have the opportunity for food tours, cooking classes and even street foods. You may also want to experience a unique floating markets nearby.

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Post-COVID Travel: What To Expect

When was the last time you booked a flight? Whether you like or not, or wherever you are in the world, you need to know what to do in order for you travel despite the threat of Covid.

This pandemic might be a good sign for us to stay at home for safety. But if you are an essential traveler, it might be a hassle to really think and prepare of the things you need for travel in these difficult days.

There are restrictions that can cause us not to continue our journey, and we miss that a lot. We need to get away sometimes, to relax, to experience traveling again. We need to get out in our comfort zone once in a while.

As this pandemic continues, travelling has introduce a new way for a safer flight and for a great journey.

Here are the things that you might consider:

1. Get a vaccine!

Yes, this is essential for you to be in a green lane. It means that you can travel if you have been vaccinated. Some countries like Philippines, Africa and other countries that is Open but with restrictions including Afghanistan, Armenia, Austria, Georgia, Maldives, Thailand and some states in America.

2. Know what country to go.

We understand that you wanted bring back your travel journey. You might have plan to go this year or maybe next year, it might be international or just local.

You need to know first what country that is Open, Open with restrictions and Closed.

Open – the Borders are open. It means no restrictions or requirements for visitors. As of July 2021, here are the countries that are open, including Colombia, Albania, Czech Republic, Haiti, Portugal, Romania, Turks and Caicos Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Open with Restrictions- the Borders are open to visitors however you need to present a proof of vaccination or you need to provide a negative result from RT-PCR or saliva test. It may also require a home quarantine upon arrival. As of July 2021, there are 128 countries including some parts in Europe, America, Asia and some part of the countries.

Closed- The borders closed it means that they are not open for visitor coming from other country. But will still exclude residents returning home, citizens and other circumstances.

3. Check your airlines

You need to know that there are flight restrictions too. Some airlines have different ways to deal with the virus like leaving the middle seat empty or one seat apart.

4. Find out what other documents or applications you need

Some countries may like you to install application for convenience. People will always like convenience, whether its paper or electronic.

For example, in the Philippines, you may need to install Traze app, S-Pass. Canada currently using ArriveCan to enter the country.

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Sun, Fun, Fish and Beer: Fishing Tours

Are you an angler? Do you love to fish? United States has the world’s best fishing destinations. Each provides a different way to experience fun while out on the water. It’s a great vacation choice whether you want to indulge your favorite pastime, or you just want to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Miami Beach. Florida. USA.

There are more than 200 websites than can accommodate you not just for hotels or bed and breakfast but also they can help you accommodate to booking a fishing tour with great fishing activities.

Here are the Places that you might consider to book for the best fishing vacation across the world.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is known as the home to some of the most extra ordinary fishing in America. The Waikiki Dive Center, offers a deep sea diving where you can catch tuna, mahi-mahi or even blue marlin. They also offer the best 20-minute shark cage dive that will get you to see up close for sea creatures like sharks.

There is also Ohana Sports Fishing Adventures where travelling angler can spot species like whales and dolphins.

2. Miami Beach Florida

Miami is famous for its beach due to warm current and diverse ecosystem. You can book in Everglades Airboat Safari, they will guide you and led you to a place where you can spot alligators, turtles and birds.

3. Alaska

Sitka, one of the known to be the most amazing city in Southeast Alaska. You get to experience a once in a lifetime saltwater fishing, where you can get salmon and halibut.

4. Texas, USA

Ocean Breeze Charter, where you can experience a deep sea and fishing adventure in a 46 ft yacht with 2 bedrooms, salon, and a large deck for you to fish, dance, drink beer and watch the sunset.

5. Australia

Australia may have been famous for sharks and marine life. Though, we may never know how many species that Australian Great Barrier Reef Home can we spot on. But one thing for sure! You will experience a great fishing adventure as an angler!

Black Marlin a rare sea creature that you can spot on from the waters of Cairns and Lizard Island. You can see this species from September to December.

6. Cuba

This is the becoming more accessible to the rest of the world. It means that it can finally get to explore the world’s best fishing adventures. A group of islets name Jardine’s de la Reina, they allow anglers to gain access to Cuba’s southern coast. 

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Best Destination For A Food Vacation

Surely, one of the things that most people would love to do in this crazy time of the pandemic…is travel. Being able to visit destinations with great sightseeing and wonderful food would be even better. And even if you’re not currently jumping on planes for vacations, it’s always a good time to plan and dream.

One of the most exciting feelings one would surely keep and enliven for his life would be going to different places and destinations. Discovering the pristine white beaches. The spectacular pink sand and the people on merry-making. Waiting for sunset to set while looking at the far horizon would surely cap the day.

Another thing to look into when traveling would be the culture of the place that you had traveled. The culture speaks a lot of the people residing therein. It would promote respect and cultural diversity that would surely create an impact on your life.

And importantly, when traveling go for cooking vacations, one must taste the food that is unique to a certain place or locality. Most people would think that the most palatable food is the most expensive one. Which, unfortunately, is not.

To go list for food vacation:

If you are one of the carefree and on the go individual, you might try:

1. The streets. Yes, you had read it right. The best foods can be found in the streets of the country you are traveling. Especially in most Asian countries, they serve the best street foods unique to their culture. These foods are what truly depict the culture of the people.

2. The markets. When traveling, one must visit the wet market or fresh market of a place or locality. Like in the Philippines, being an archipelagic country, each of their provinces and regions houses a delicacy or product which is unique to a certain region. You can have a chitchat with the locals and you can know the roots and history of each delicacy.

3. Local stores. Try to ask people around for the best local store offering unique dishes about their country or region.

4. The beaches and the shores. Nothing beats a good sunset with gastronomic servings of fresh kinds of seafood. Surely, this is the best thing that would cap a day of the tiring walk, swim, and trek. This experience would surely be worth remembering for a lot of people. Foods can be served from steaming hot lobsters and crabs,  freshly pick seaweeds, and live catch fish.

Surely, do not miss visiting any of these places the next time you travel. It will surely change your view of your destination.

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